We are unique in that we are experienced qualified attorneys that offer Seta accredited training.

Derik Jaftha Attorneys intends to provide learning interventions to employees within the Services Sector industry in order to empower the individual and improve quality service delivery within a company. The purpose of training is to ensure employees are adequately equipped to meet the requirements of their current positions, grow professionally and maximise growth of all its employees.

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Derik Jaftha Attorneys is committed to becoming the leading Training Provider of Learning Interventions by:

      • Demonstrating experience and expertise.
      • To express commitment to quality and Client satisfaction at all times
      • To create an increasing Client base
      • To endeavour to achieve growth and profit in line with industry and practice standards
      • To pride ourselves on delivering excellent training interventions.


Why is Skills Development so important?

Skills Development is the changing face of Education and Training!

As a new democracy, SA is looking for better ways of educating their people, in the hope of creating a competitive economic global environment. It is strategically necessary for companies to invest in the education, training and skills development of its employees. All education, training and development interventions should be aligned to business needs and strategies, comply with relevant legislation and meet the highest possible quality standards. By contributing to the development of a pool of skilled South African workers, companies are supporting the National Skills Development Strategy and the principles of the National Qualifications Framework(NQF).


Derik Jaftha Attorneys has a BEE accreditation status of B-BBEE and is a 100% black owned. It operates as a sole proprietorship belonging to Mr Ricky Igshaan Jaftha, employing highly skilled attorneys, labour consultants, candidate attorneys, private investigators and a strong support staff contingent.

The firm specializes in Employment Law and Labour Relations.


Formed primarily to provide Skills Development and Training interventions within the Services Sector Industry. These training interventions have created a need to become an Accredited Training Provider which will provide the following:

        • Training that will be recognised and quality assured
        • Mentors, coaches and subject matter experts that will be available


Derik Jaftha Attorneys specializes in addressing the skills gap within industry particularly in the Services Sector, hereby maximizing growth of all its employees. The company intends to provide structured and profiled training interventions to contracted clients by providing skills training within the Services Sector industry. These interventions are based on improved skills and work performance relevant to business needs. It is strategically necessary for companies to invest in the education, training and skills development of its employees.

Training and skills development is core to the upliftment and growth of the individual as well as the organization as a whole. Developing a learning culture empowers companies to achieve dramatically improved results. Training is key element in the business strategy of an organization dedicated to continuous learning.


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